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From Academia to Awakened: A Tale of Inner Calling and Transformation

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

In the gentle embrace of late April's warmth, 2019, I found myself basking in the tranquil confines of my Zen-inspired office. With nearly four decades of dedicated service in higher education, I had every reason to be content and proud. My career had been a fulfilling journey of helping students unearth the treasures within themselves, guiding them through the intricate maze of self-discovery, and watching their faces light up with the radiant glow of epiphanies. It was intoxicating, that profound moment when they connected the dots between their essence and their aspirations.

However, on this particular spring day, as I sat in the soft illumination of my Himalayan salt lamp, listening to the soothing melody of my desk fountain, an unfamiliar restlessness stirred within me. It was a persistent tap-tap-tap, a whisper from the depths of my being. Despite my many achievements and the recognition I had garnered, I couldn't ignore the undeniable truth any longer.

You see, I had been raised by extraordinary parents. My mother was a psychic, and my father, a healer. They had instilled in me the value of self-awareness, honing my intuitive gifts, and heeding the quiet call of inner guidance from the moment I drew my first breath.

Yet, in the hallowed halls of higher education, there was no place for my empathic and psychic abilities to openly flourish. I had to tuck away my intuitive skillset, keeping it hidden from the confines of my professional life. It simply wasn't the norm to sit across from a student, their future hinging on conventional, tried-and-true methods of major selection, while my inner voice was whispering alternative possibilities. It wasn't protocol to request a student's birth data to run an astrological chart, unveiling hidden facets of their journey. My career had reached great heights, and though I reveled in it, I sensed an incomplete puzzle.

It was time to practice what I had always preached. I embarked on the bureaucratic journey of retirement, seeking counsel from financial advisors, union representatives, and retirement groups. Yet, I also ventured into unconventional realms, consulting with astrologers, numerologists, psychics, and mediums. I delved into focused meditations and labyrinth walks, each path converging toward an unexpected destination. I decided to retire a year earlier than planned, nine months before my 40-year milestone.

As I stepped into the threshold of retirement, I took a moment to relish the freedom. I lounged on my patio, indulging in "cozy mystery" books, savoring the luxury of time. But, the tap-tap-tap of my inner voice soon began to crescendo. It was a clarion call to embark on a new journey, to birth my passion project. This endeavor was about guiding others, nudging them toward self-discovery, helping them fathom the depths of their divine essence, and harmoniously weaving their practical and spiritual realms into a tapestry of purpose.

Today, I stand as a beacon for spiritual wanderers, illuminating the path of self-awareness, teaching them to connect the threads of their existence, and inspiring them to craft a tapestry that unravels the secrets of their soul's journey. Success, for me, is when individuals learn to not only like and love themselves but to accept their unique vibrations and embrace their individual paths of understanding, growth, and gratitude. The tap-tap-tap of my inner voice now resonates in harmony with the aspirations of those I guide, all of us journeying together toward the brilliance of self-discovery.


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