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Updated: Nov 9, 2021

In late April of 2019, I was sitting in my very zen’d out office feeling content and proud that I was riding high on the wave of my nearly 40-year career in higher education. I absolutely loved engaging with students to help them discover their interests, values, skills, personality, and strengths while leading an amazing team of professionals to guide them through the exploration and decision-making process. The happiness I felt for each individual who sparkled from the inside-out as they experienced that “Aha!” moment. Contributing to them making that connection between knowing themselves and their goals was intoxicating.

But on this spring day I sat there in my office – listening to my desk fountain in the glow of my Himylayan salt lamp -- and I felt restless. I had a tap-tap-tap deep within my being. Although I had a lot of achievements and recognition, I had to acknowledge that there was a piece of my work that had always been neglected.

I was raised by a psychic-empathic-healer mom and dad who empowered me to know myself, to honor my intuitive gifts, and to listen to my inner tap-tap-tap for guidance.

In the higher education environment, I could not incorporate the empatic-psychic part of myself directly or openly into my work. I had to keep my KNOWING skillset on the back-burner. It was not appropriate to be sitting with a student who was required to declare a major through traditional, reliable, and valid measures while my intuitive voice was seeing options not up for consideration. It wasn’t acceptable to get their birth data so I could run an astrological chart to see what was being triggered with transits and progressions. I had reached that point of success in my career, and although I loved it and enjoyed it, I found it to be incomplete.

I had to walk my talk. I contacted my financial guy, the union rep, my retirement group, I enrolled in webinars, and spoke with HR. All the traditional contacts for making a "retirement" kind of decision. BUT I also sought insights from non-traditional means as I met with two astrologers, a numerologist, three trusted psychics, a medium, and went on focused meditative journeys and labyrinth walks. All paths lead to retiring a year BEFORE I had originally planned. Nine months before I hit that 40-year mark.

Upon my retirement from the college environment, I took a couple weeks to relax and sat on the patio in the middle of the day and read a few "cozy mystery" books. But then the tap-tap-tap of my inner voice began to sound. I was quickly inspired to start my new passion-project to guide others when they need a nudge or encouragement to embrace who they are, understand their divine core, and integrate their practical and spiritual realms onto a path that explores the depth of their purpose. Today I guide spiritual wanderers to raise their self-awareness and make the connections between the many threads of their being. I inspire seekers to weave these threads together to form a tapestry that clarifies and informs their Soul's path. My success comes when people like, love, and accept themselves for their unique vibrations, and take ownership of moving forward on their individual path of understanding, growth, and gratitude.

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