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Know Your Soul Journey, Astrology, Numerology, Intuitive-Tarot, and Classes

Green Light Ray

Welcome to Services Offered by Deann through SylvanWise!

Step into a world of transformative possibilities. My mission is to guide you through life's transitions, helping you connect with your soul purpose, break free from feelings of stagnation, and embrace your divine gifts. My unique services are designed to uncover patterns, dismantle barriers, and empower you to thrive confidently in today's world.

Explore the offerings and find the perfect service to support your journey of self-discovery, spiritual growth, and personal empowerment. It's time to live your best life – let's embark on this journey together!


Connect with Deann

~ Know Your Soul Journey Maven, Lightworker, Teacher, Intuitive, and  Astrologer+  

Enter the realm where your WHY, WHEN, and PURPOSE

weave together in a tapestry of Illumination, Intuition, and Inspiration!

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