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Numerology Report Options are designed to be self-directed,

self-analyzed, and enjoyed through self-reflection by the recipient.  You are invited to ask 1-2 brief questions regarding the report via email for clarification. 




Numerology Consultation Appointment will explore questions and engage in discussion to supportenhance, and synthesize data from the report after you have received and reviewed your written report.

The meaning of your numbers and how they affect you are explained in easy to read language, and you do not need to be a math-enthusiast or know anything about numerology to be able to enjoy and benefit from these reports.

The Numerology Personality Profile Report  presents the Core aspects of your chart which include your LIFE PATH, EXPRESSION, BIRTH DAYHEART'S DESIREPERSONALITY, and 

MATURITY numbers

The Comprehensive Numerology Profile Report provides accurate and in-depth descriptions based on calculations and interpretations utilized in numerology of the Core aspects included in the Simplified Report as well as, Personal Timeline aspects, and Forecast influences.

  • Core aspects of your chart include your LIFE PATH, EXPRESSION, BIRTH DAY, PERSONALITY,  and HEART'S DESIRE.

  • Additional components to consider that offer valuable insights are the MATURITY,   KARMIC LESSONS, KARMIC DEBTS, and HIDDEN PASSION numbers

  • Forecast Report includes 
    Four CHALLENGES, Four PINNACLES (lessons), Three CYCLES (inner nature), TRANSITS (Mental, Physical, and Spiritual influences at specific points in time), ESSENCE (Forces influencing the year), PERSONAL YEAR and PERSONAL MONTHS (influential trends and circumstances).

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