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Email Practice Club Bundle

March 2024

SylvanWise Know Your Soul Bundle

$213 value for FREE

  • Akashic Records Workbook and Tarot Spreads [digital download]  $0.00 $9.00 savings

  • 21-Day Journal to Access the Akashic Records [digital download]  $0.00 $7.00 savings

  • 'Awaken Your Soul's Purpose' Online Course $0.00
    $197.00 savings off the standard price; $77 savings off the special Spring 2024 offer


Two Links required to access this Bundle. Please use the Direct Links from this page to access $0 charge checkout.  If requested, use coupon code: SPRING 


Akashic Records Digital Workbook and Tarot Spreads 


Digital Akashic 21-Day Journal Bundle

Discover the transformative power of self-discovery with the exclusive Know Your Soul Bundle, designed to guide you through the depths of your soul's journey.

The Know Your Soul: Akashic Records Workbook & Tarot Spreads is a comprehensive guide with detailed instructions for entry, thematic exploration, and tarot spreads for enhanced understanding.


The Know Your Soul: 21 Day Journal to Access the Akashic Records is a guide serving as a daily companion for exploring the Records, with prompts for deep reflection across various themes. 


‘Awaken Your Soul’s Purpose’ 

Level 1 of 3

6-Week ~ Self-Paced ~ Online Course

"Awaken Your Soul's Purpose" is a captivating 6-week online journey which launches on March 19, 2024.


This is a self-paced course you can start anytime once you are enrolled and after the Launch Date.

It's designed to suit both novices and seasoned learners in spiritual exploration. This course uniquely integrates practical experiences with Akashic wisdom, fostering profound self-discovery and a deeper understanding of your soul's purpose. Through activities combining mindfulness, energetic self-care, and aligning joy with your soul's purpose, it offers transformative tools for personal clarity and spiritual growth.


As part of a three-course series, this course (Level 1) can stand alone or be the first step in a more extensive journey.




Integrated Journeys LLC


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