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Specially curated for the Emai Practice Club - Bundle Event - Spring 2024

Unlock Greater Knowledge with the Know Your Soul Workbook & Journal Bundle 

This specially curated package combines the Akashic Records Workbook & Tarot Spreads with the 21-Day Journal, both designed to guide you through the depths of your soul's journey.

  • The "Know Your Soul: Akashic Records Workbook & Tarot Spreads" is an immersive 54-page workbook that opens the doors to the Akashic Records, offering detailed guidance for accessing these records, including specific opening and closing statements. It delves into significant life themes—such as past lives, karmic lessons, and soul contracts—complemented by tailored Tarot Card Spreads for each theme, facilitating a deep dive into self-discovery.

  • The "Know Your Soul: 21 Day Journal to Access the Akashic Records" provides a 38-page structured journey into the Akashic Records. With daily prompts over three weeks, it covers an array of themes from life's purpose to decision-making and self-development. This guide includes essential instructions for accessing the Records, a custom Tarot Spread, and thoughtful journal prompts, promising a profound exploration of personal insights and spiritual growth.

EPC-BUNDLE: Akashic Records Workbook-Tarot Spreads and Akashic 21-Day Journal

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