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Great-Grandma Rosie's Graceful Farewell: A Lesson in Love Beyond Life

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

In the quiet stillness of a night bathed in moonlight, I was a mere three years old, blissfully unaware of the world's complexities. My mother, the ever-diligent caretaker, was busy changing the sheets on their bed. My father, working the swing-shift at the electric company, was miles away, leaving Mom, me, and my siblings alone in the house. Little did we know that this night would forever etch a remarkable tale into the tapestry of our family's history.

As Mom meticulously smoothed out the sheets, her gaze was inexplicably drawn to the far corner of the room. There, in that dimly lit space, a delicate pink mist began to take shape, like a gentle whisper from the beyond. Puzzled but undeterred, Mom initially dismissed it as a trick of the light or perhaps the weariness of the day. Yet, her curiosity got the better of her, and she fixed her eyes once more upon the enigmatic pink mist.

To her astonishment, the ethereal cloud began to expand, revealing intricate details within its billowy embrace. And there, amidst the soft and rosy tendrils of mist, stood my Great-Grandma Rosie. GG-Rosie, as we lovingly called her, had departed from this world only two days prior, and Mom had bid her a tearful farewell at the funeral earlier that day.

Now, let me pause for a moment and share a little something about my extraordinary mother. You see, Mom was not your average woman; she was a psychic-medium, someone with the remarkable ability to see and communicate with spirits. She had been attuned to the otherworldly since her own childhood, but this was different. This was the first time she had connected with the spirit of someone she knew and loved.

In that moment, a "mama bear" instinct surged through her, a need to ensure the safety and comfort of her children. My sister and I shared a room just across the hall from our parents, so Mom quietly slipped in, checking that we slumbered peacefully. With a mother's reassurance, she moved down the hall to ensure the same for my brother.

Once certain that we were all cocooned in the embrace of dreamland, Mom returned to her own room. And there, in that far corner, stood Great-Grandma Rosie, unwavering and serene, a tender smile gracing her lips. Gradually, she began to fade, melting back into the soft, rosy mist until she vanished entirely.

This story, this ethereal encounter, became a cherished part of our family's lore, passed down through the generations. It wasn't merely about my mother seeing a ghost, a phenomenon that had become almost routine in our family. No, the true essence of this tale lay in the profound message Mom wished to impart to us.

You see, GG-Rosie had spent most of her earthly existence battling the relentless grip of osteoporosis, a condition that had bent her frail frame into what was, at the time, known as a dowager's hump. To my mother, Rosie was a grandmother whose physical form had been marred by this affliction, forever hunched and bowed.

But in that spectral encounter, Rosie stood tall and proud, her once-ailing form restored to its full glory. It was a poignant reminder that when we depart from this world, we shed the burdens of our earthly vessels. The pains, the ailments, the frailties of the body no longer bind us. Instead, we are free to embrace the world beyond through the boundless energy of love.

And so, through the ages, this story has woven itself into the fabric of our family's understanding—a testament to the enduring power of love that transcends even the confines of life and death. Great-Grandma Rosie's graceful farewell serves as a luminous reminder that, in the end, it is love that binds us together, even when we find ourselves on opposite sides of the veil.


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