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Voyage Through the Cosmos: My Astrological Odyssey

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

In the heart of my childhood home, curiosity was our guiding star, forever leading us beyond the conventional bounds of education. Our family was an inseparable unit that reveled in the wonders of mathematics, history, science fiction, mythology, and the mesmerizing patterns conjured by my beloved Spirograph. Yet, it was the desert's embrace that fueled our collective imagination.

Nestled beneath the boundless night sky, my father would kindle a campfire's warm embrace. Beside him, my mother, with marshmallows in hand, turned the sugary treats into golden treasures. As embers crackled and sparks danced their celestial ballet, our eyes turned upward, seeking to decipher the luminous constellations decorating the heavens.

It was at the tender age of nine that a fateful encounter forever altered the course of my life. A book, "Jeane Dixon: My Life and Prophecies," entered my world like a comet streaking across the night sky. Its pages unveiled a realm of psychic phenomena and astrology, far removed from the mundane sun-sign horoscopes that graced the pages of daily newspapers.

I was immediately captivated, drawn into a world that hinted at depths beyond my wildest childhood musings. This cosmos held the answers to a multitude of questions that had long danced on the periphery of my curiosity.

And yet, I felt intuitively like there was something more -- something deeper -- something inspiring that answered a wealth of questions. I yearned to unravel the mysteries of ancient wisdom: why did the Wise Men follow the Star to Bethlehem? How could the twins I met in Kindergarten be completely different in personality even though they looked identical? The enigma extended to my own family, where siblings nurtured under the same roof harbored disparate views, attitudes, and talents. Most perplexing was my own crippling lack of self-confidence, despite the abundance of love and support surrounding me.

But there was a twist in this celestial tale. In a household where both my mother and sister possessed the uncanny ability to foresee the future, my own intuition faltered. Their knack for predicting the name of a caller before the phone's ring could be deciphered, foreseeing pregnancies, divorces, and romances, or even divining the outcome of a school day left me in awe.

For me, the path to self-assurance did not lie in the enigmatic realm of psychic powers but rather in the realm of mathematics and astrology. I yearned for a structured framework, a precise science, a methodical calculation — something tangible that could validate my intangible intuitive insights. While I doubted my own psychic abilities, mathematics remained my unwavering anchor.

In the year 1971, my parents took us to a quaint bookstore in San Pedro. There, they procured the unadorned 800-page tome, "A To Z Horoscope Maker & Delineator" by Llewellyn George. Accompanying this hefty volume, they provided the essential tools: a "Table of Houses" book, multi-year Ephemerides, and a set of blank Astrology Chart circles.

Immersed in these pages, I meticulously marked key sections with paperclips, painstakingly crafting birth charts for everyone I knew. My mission was clear — I was to teach myself the language of the cosmos. I flourished, providing what I deemed as accurate insights. Yet, I kept my burgeoning passion hidden; astrology remained a shadowy secret in my neighborhood.

As a preteen, I was prone to dismissing the more complex facets of astrology. Concepts such as parallels, planetary speeds, and declinations failed to earn paperclip status in my trusted textbook. Nevertheless, as a lifelong student of astrology, I've learned to embrace and fill-in the gaps in my knowledge, appreciating the subject's evolution, advancement, and nuances.

Fast forward to 1991, when winds of change breezed through my life. No longer an unemployed teenager, I crossed paths with a kindred spirit who introduced me to the wonders of astrological computer programs. It was a revelation! Gone were the days of tediously flipping through books and performing intricate calculations. My astrological journey, once a resource-intensive endeavor, transformed into an exploration of the latest and most advanced software programs.

With unwavering determination, I embarked on a quest to find the most accurate programs available. I quickly uncovered a fundamental truth: you truly get what you pay for. The cheaper alternatives often produced results that were, to put it plainly, incorrect. To bolster my growing confidence in my intuitive abilities, I diligently compared every computer-generated chart with my personal calculations and hand-drawn charts from two decades prior. As my belief in my intuitive talents flourished, it was the bedrock of mathematics, ephemerides, and house tables from my childhood that provided unwavering support.

Today, as the visionary and founder of SylvanWise Integrated Journeys, I offer a treasury of astrological insights. My interpretations transcend the confines of traditional astrology, moving beyond the binary notions of malefic and benefic influences, and challenging the once-dominant male-centric prophecies. I remain committed to my ongoing education and research in this ever-evolving field. Currently, I'm on the cusp of concluding a three-year expedition into the depths of Vibrational Astrology.

This profound odyssey has unveiled an "Aha!" moment, answering the very questions that kindled my curiosity as a child. Astrology not only enriches my comprehension of this ancient science but also empowers me to articulate and substantiate the intuitive insights that arise when examining a birth chart. With the advent of Evidence-Based Astrology and the ever-expanding body of research in this field, I harmonize this empirical knowledge with my intuitive gifts, mindfulness techniques, and meditative practices. Proudly, I embrace the title of a "Mindful Astrologer," continuing to evolve and deepen my connection to this cosmic realm.


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