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Updated: Nov 25, 2021

My Astrological Journey

I grew up in a family that explored all aspects of topics outside the traditional subjects taught in school. As a child I enjoyed math, history, mythology, and the patterns I could make with my Spirograph. Our family did A LOT of camping on the desert where Dad would light a campfire and Mom would bring out the marshmallows to roast as the family would try to identify the constellations in the night sky.

At an early age (9-ish) I read Jeane Dixon: My Life and Prophecies and was hooked. Like Jeane, I had psychic experiences and an affinity for Astrology. I wasn't attracted to the sun-sign stuff I read in the newspaper column from our daily delivery as these little paragraphs seemed limiting. I felt intuitively like there was something more -- something deeper -- something inspiring that answered a wealth of questions. I wanted to know why and how the Wise Men followed the Star to Bethlehem. I wanted to know why the twins I met in Kindergarten were so completely different in personality even though they looked identical. I wanted to understand how my brother, sister, and I -- raised by the same parents -- could have such different views, attitudes, behaviors, talents, and trigger issues. My self-confidence ---or lack thereof -- was always an issue for me. How could a child who was so nurtured, loved, respected, and coddled not have any confidence in herself? These were questions I hoped to have answered through the magic -- I mean math -- of astrology.

As I mentioned previously, I did not trust my own insights and intuition since I lived with a mom and sister who could accurately predict the name of the person on the other side of a ringing phone; upcoming pregnancies, divorces, and romances; a soon-to-be-announced health issue or death; and how the next day at school would pan out. I wanted to find a science – a math – a calculation -- a chart of patterns -which I could use to validate my intangible impressions. While I didn't trust my own psychic abilities, I could trust math.

In 1971, Mom and Dad took me to a bookstore located in San Pedro and bought me the unillustrated 800-page A To Z Horoscope Maker & Delineator by Llewellyn George. They also let me have the necessary companion materials: a Table of Houses book, multi-year Ephemerides, and a package of blank Astrology Chart circles. I read the books, I marked the relevant pages with paperclips, I created charts for everyone I knew, and then went about teaching myself how to interpret the information. I was good – I was accurate – but I was in the closet about my passion for this topic. It just was not the thing to do in my neighborhood.

I was also 10-11-12 years old. Did you know that a pre-teen who reads a textbook for fun will also dismiss the parts of the material . . .

  • That are boring?

  • Don't seem immediately important?

  • Are beyond one's comprehension?

[Insert YES as the answer to these questions for me.}

Signs, characteristics, challenges, houses, planet personalities and interactions, elements, modalities, angles, and the patterns the hand-drawn chart made were fun and exciting while parallels, planetary speeds, and declinations didn't get paperclip-status in my trusty textbook. As a lifetime student of astrology who has studied at the feet of some brilliant, wise, insightful teachers and mentors, I have learned to embrace some rather large gaps in my astrological knowledge and appreciate the evolution, advancement, and nuances this subject has taken in my life.

Jump ahead to 1991 when I was no longer an unemployed teenager. I made friends with a like-minded person who introduced me to the wonders of astrological computer programs. WOW! You mean there was a way to access the data without hours-upon-hours of flipping through books and making calculations? My astrological-time and fiscal resources shifted to exploring the latest-greatest software programs to find out which ones were accurate. I quickly discovered that you get what you pay for. The cheaper programs gave less accurate (insert the word WRONG) results. I compared every computer-generated wheel with my personal calculations and hand-drawn chart from 20-years earlier. I still wasn't completely confident in my psychic abilities even though by this time I had multiple validations, but I trusted the math, ephemeris, and table of houses from my childhood. There are now many computer programs with features that have evolved over the years, but the information is based in solid math and research.

As a SylvanWise service, I offer an array of computer-generated reports from my trusted programs, but I understand and can do the math. I have faith in my interpretations which are not limited to the malefic/benefic/male-dominated doomsday predictions that served as a foundation for this study. I have continued my education and research of astrology as it has evolved, and am currently studying Vibrational Astrology which has been a huge "Aha!" experience for me as it answers many of the questions I had as a child. It also gives me a way to articulate the psychic/intuitive insights I have when looking at a chart. I'm not ready to hang my shingle as a "Vibrational" Astrologer but it is now part of me, and gives me the courage I always needed to integrate my intuitive talents with my mindfulness techniques and meditative practices to call myself a Mindful Astrologer.

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