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Beneath the Tears: Embracing Childhood Sensitivity Through Meditation

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

I was an highly emotional child, shedding tears seemingly "for no reason" on a frequent basis.

"Deann is SOOOOO emotional" and "Don't upset Deann" became familiar refrains not only at family gatherings but also in our neighborhood, parks, stores, and practically anywhere with a gathering of two or more people. Most, including those outside my immediate family, interpreted my "emotional" responses as signs of fragility or manipulation. To some extent, I suspect these notions also existed within my immediate family.

I felt everything with an intensity that ran deep, a rawness that manifested painfully, even physically. How could a child articulate this to others? In my quest to alleviate the discomfort of those around me, I discovered I could shut myself off entirely. Yet, this self-imposed emotional lockdown felt wrong and eventually led to stomach problems.

Both my parents comprehended the turmoil I was experiencing, drawing from their own lifetimes of empathic encounters. They recognized the necessity of equipping me with tools to navigate the onslaught of emotions and images that frequently overwhelmed me. "Know Thyself" was their insistence. I needed to discern what was truly part of me, release external influences, establish my boundaries, and regularly ground, center, and shield myself. This process was fundamental to my evolution, an ongoing journey of growth.

When I was a mere 3 years old, my parents embarked on teaching me meditation practices and chakra activation. These techniques aimed to calm my mind, provide clarity, and grant me some semblance of control over my emotions, feelings, and reactions. I learned the art of deep breathing, visualization, and connecting with higher vibrational energy. Even now, when I close my eyes to meditate and activate my chakras, it's my father's resonant baritone voice that guides me. My mother's gentle whisper in my ear, asking, "What's that sound?" remains my anchor, pulling me back to center when emotions threaten to overtake me.

Through meditation and mindfulness practices, I've amassed a toolkit that enables me to thrive in society and contribute positively to the global community. In my journey, I've assembled a couple of FREE mini-courses designed to share real-world techniques and practices related to meditation and chakras. These courses delve into the myriad benefits of meditation, the science underpinning it, the correspondence of chakras, and practical methods to integrate these practices seamlessly into your life.

So, the next time you encounter a child shedding tears seemingly "for no reason at all," perhaps consider that they may be absorbing and reflecting the emotional turmoil around them, seeking a way to make sense of a world brimming with feelings they have yet to fully understand.


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