Empathic Child

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

I was a highly emotional child who often cried "for no reason" all the time.

“Deann is SOOOOO emotional” and “Don’t upset Deann” were common phrases at family gatherings, in the neighborhood, at parks, in stores, and just about anywhere with two or more people. Most outside the immediate family perceived my “emotional” reactions as being fragile or manipulative. I think these ideas existed within my immediate family as well.

I felt everything – deeply – painfully – physically. How does a child explain this to anyone? I began to learn in an effort to make others more comfortable, that I could shut myself off completely, but this didn't feel right and caused stomach problems.

My Mom and Dad both understood what was happening because of their own lifetimes of empathic experiences. They knew I would need some tools to deal with all the emotions and images which frequently bombarded me. Know Thyself – they insisted on this. Recognize what was ME, release what was external, define and establish my boundaries, ground|center|shield on a regular basis, and continue learning, evolving, and moving forward.

Mom and Dad began to teach me meditation practices and chakra activation when I was 3-years-old so I could quiet my mind, gain some clarity, and garner some control over the emotions, feelings, and reactions. I learned techniques for breathing, visualization, and connecting with higher vibrational energy. It is still my Dad’s deep, baritone voice I hear when I first close my eyes to meditate and activate my chakras. It is my Mom's gentle whisper in my ear -- "What's that sound?" -- when I am about to lose it and need to be brought back to center.

It has been through meditation and mindfulness practices that I have gained tools to function successfully in society and productively as part of a world community. I put together a couple FREE mini-courses to offer a few real-world techniques and practices related to meditation and chakras which explore the many benefits of meditation, the science behind it, chakra correspondences, and ways to implement this in easy, fun, and practical ways.

So, next time you see a child crying "for no reason at all" then perhaps they are simply picking up on whatever is troubling you?

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