Dancing on the Wind

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

I leaned over the bed that cradled my hard-of-hearing dad in that oppressive nursing care facility so I could make eye contact with him. I was hovering to ensure all his needs were met. This man who had survived the loss of my mom, and throat cancer, and numerous challenges throughout his life looked up at me and spoke in his whispery, raspy voice, “Go Away.”

Go away? Me? Go away? But . . . I am his favorite person . . . and he wants me to go away?. I said -- as any mature daughter-woman-caregiver would say, "Fine! I’ll see you tomorrow." and then left the room in what could have been interpreted as stomping off like a 3-year old down the dingy, yellow, smelly hall of the facility.

The next morning was promising to be a beautiful summer day as my brother and I stood with the plumber in my Dad’s garage strategizing about fixing a leaky faucet in his shower room. At the same moment, Jason and I were aware of a large iridescent blue dragonfly, a creature we both associate with Mom, fly into the garage, and circle us. It then darted out of the garage and an iridescent green beetle started to chase the dragonfly. They began a beautiful floaty dance together that seemed to last for the length of a beautiful song. And then my phone rang . . . and I was comforted to know that Mom and Dad were together, dancing on the wind.

#Lifeafterdeath #Totemanimals

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