Past ~ Present ~ Future

Intuitive-Astro Report 

Individually curated for YOU!

Report Option FEATURES:

All OPTIONS (Options 1, 2, 3, and 4) include: 

Individually Curated Intuitive-Astro Report and/or Reading which combines Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Meditation, and Intuitive/Psychic Insights as tools to connect with your areas of interest.

  • OPTION 1  Past-Present-Future Report includes:

    • 1-Topic of Focus

    • PLUS 2 Q&A Emails

  • OPTION 2: Past-Present-Future Report includes:

    • 2-Topics of Focus

    • PLUS 4 Q&A Emails

  • OPTION 3 Past-Present-Future Report includes:

    • 3-Topics of Focus

    • PLUS 2 Q&A Emails

    • PLUS 20 minute CLAIRity Chat (Phone)

  • OPTION 4 Past-Present-Future Report includes:

    • 3-Topics of Focus

    • PLUS 2 Q&A Emails

    • PLUS 40 minute Zoom Consultation

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How do I make my relationships work better? 

  • What patterns from my family of origin am I carrying forward? 

  • How do improve my relationship with money? 

  • Why do I keep making these same mistakes? 

  • What can I do if I love my work but hate my work environment/co-workers/boss? 

  • What life lessons am I supposed to focus on? 

  • How can I express my true self in the world? 

  • Why do I feel compelled to make a change in my career/home/relationship/

  • How can I better understand and recover from a break-up?   

We all have dozens of questions that are based on the experiences of our past, the circumstances of our present, and our dreams for the future.  Exploring these energies can provide clarity and direction to move forward with understanding, confidence, and hope.  


The Past-Present-Future Intuitive-Astro Report is a personalized compilation from the use of multiple report options, techniques, and intuitive insights written in a format to align with the Topic(s) of Focus in the Past~Present~Future timeframe.   Astrological language and technical jargon can be included or diminished depending on your personal preferences.  


Reports support the highest possibilities  for the individual as they highlight energetic influences, actions, possible outcomes and/or consequences influenced by the choices, free-will, and action of the individual.