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Enhance your understanding of the following in-depth written reports with an APPOINTMENT for a Consultation Sesson. 

  • READING All-in-One Intuitive-Astro Bundle Reading - Individually Curated Written Report
  • READING Psychic/Divination Report with Deann (Written Report)
  • READING Astrological Individually Curated Report (Written Report)
  • READING Numerology Comprehensive Profile Report(Written Report)

This add-on companion service, available via Zoom or Phone, is designed to provide support and deepen your insights beyond what is covered in the in-depth written reports and email correspondence. In this interactive 45-minute session, we will delve into any questions you have and engage in discussions based on your purchased Report(s).


To fully benefit from this comprehensive experience, add both the Designated Report/Reading and this Appointment to your cart. This pairing ensures you receive an all-encompassing service that complements the written report with a personalized consultation.


Required Information:

No additional information is needed for the Consultation Session. All necessary details will be obtained from your purchase of one of the four (4) Report/Readings identified above.  

A Deeper Understanding:

To wrap up our session, I allocate an additional 10-15 minutes to provide clarification where necessary, guaranteeing that you depart with a comprehensive grasp of your report's findings.


As your guide, I am committed to offering guidance, insights, and clarity on your personal journey. Should you have any questions or require more information about this transformative experience, please feel free to contact me at Your path to enlightenment is just a consultation away.




APPT: Companion Service for Add-On with Specific Readings

SKU: APPT-Add-On-Session
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