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The Akashic Apothecary: Astrology
Phases of the Moon

SylvanWise Integrated Journeys offers intuitive, astrological, and numerological services, workshops, and classes for those who seek deeper insights on their path of spiritual, personal, and professional development through the exploration of a tapestry of metaphysical and career development topics. Topics include astrology, numerology, tarot, mediumship, totems, dream interpretations, sacred space, energy work, lightworker and empath exploration, chakras, auras, crystals, and metaphysical studies.

The Sun is the source of light that allows us to observe the Moon.
As the Moon orbits the Earth, what we see of it transforms throughout the month.
The Phases of the Moon defines the daylight side we see from our vantage point on Earth.
It takes about 29.5 days to cycle through these phases of the moon.

  • The New Moon is when the illuminated side of the moon is not visible from Earth at all.  At this time the Moon is sitting between the Earth and the Sun.  

    • A Solar Eclipse happens during a New Moon Phase when the Sun, Moon, and Earth align just right.

  • The Waxing Crescent Moon is when the light is gradually increasing and more of the moon is visible.

  • The First Quarter Moon takes place about one week after the New Moon and is when half of the moon is visible from Earth.

  • The Waxing Gibbous Moon is when more than half of the Moon can be seen as a humped or rounded shape.

  • The Full Moon occurs about two weeks after the New Moon and sits on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun and the full daylight side is visible from Earth. 

    • A Lunar Eclipse happens only during this time when the Sun, Earth, and Moon align just right

  • The Waning Gibbous Moon is when the light begins to diminish yet more than half of the daylight side of the Moon is still visible.  

  • The Last Quarter Moon is when the light continues to diminish so only half of the moon is visible from Earth.

  • The Waning Crescent Moon is the final phase when the visible part of the moon is reducing in size.  

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