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SylvanWise Integrated Journeys offers intuitive, astrological, and numerological services, workshops, and classes for those who seek deeper insights on their path of spiritual, personal, and professional development through the exploration of a tapestry of metaphysical and career development topics. Topics include astrology, numerology, tarot, mediumship, totems, dream interpretations, sacred space, energy work, lightworker and empath exploration, chakras, auras, crystals, and metaphysical studies.

The Akashic Apothecary: Animal Energy
Spirit-Totem-Power Animals

What are the differences between Spirit, Totem, and Power Animals?

Although I am guilty of using the terms interchangeably, each term has a specific definition:

  • Spirit Animals:  Guides who appear when you need assistance, strength, motivation, or inspiration

  • Totem Animals:  The animal energy you resonate with and represents who you 'are'

  • Power Animals:  The essence of qualities or spiritual energy you want to bring into your life or that you can call upon for assistance in specific situations.

Tools to connect with Animal Energy:

  • Meditation

  • Creative visualization

  • Journaling

  • Dream work

  • Creative activities such as a vision board, painting, ceramics work, etc.  

  • Animal Card deck

  • Recurring signs and symbols

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