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Embark on a journey of discovery and personal growth with the CLAIRity e-CHAT!


This service is perfect for anyone in the spiritual community, whether you're a metaphysical newbie, a curious seeker, or an inquisitive lightworker.


The CLAIRity e-CHAT offers a unique opportunity to engage in an enriching email-conversation where you can ask questions, explore dreams, seek clarification on experiences, discuss ideas, theories, or assumptions, validate choices, or delve into various topics of interest such as career, family, romance, education, purpose, relocation, and travel.


I deeply value the collaborative nature of these email chats. As your guide, I am here to listen, motivate, inspire, encourage, and give that gentle nudge along your personal or spiritual path.


While the CLAIRity e-CHAT is not a formal "psychic or channeled session," it is infused with my innate qualities of CLAIRcognizance and CLAIRsentience. Insights and intuitive guidance will naturally flow through our e-conversation, enriching the experience without the structure or cost of a formal Intuitive/Psychic Reading.


The CLAIRity e-CHAT is thoughtfully designed to provide a touchpoint via email, typically involving 30-45 minutes of interactive yet non-continuous engagement. This format allows you the freedom to ask questions, share stories, gain clarification, or seek limited guidance as you navigate the metaphysical realms and tread along your spiritual path. For those seeking more extensive or comprehensive guidance, consider booking one of the following: 

  • READING All-in-One Intuitive-Astro Bundle Reading - Individually Curated Written Report
  • READING: Intuitive/Psychic Reading with Deann (Written)
  • READING Astrological Individually Curated Report (Written Report)
  • READING: Numerology Comprehensive Profile Report(Written)


Engage in a CLAIRity e-CHAT and take a step towards greater self-awareness and spiritual enlightenment. Your journey of exploration and self-discovery awaits.



CLAIRity e-Chat

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