Let's Share a CLAIRity CHAT!  Whether you are a metaphysical newbie, curious seeker, or inquisitive lightworker in the spiritual community, sometimes all you need is an opportunity to Chat, Ask Questions, Explore Dreams, Get Clarification on Experiences, Voice Ideas, Theories, or Assumptions, or Validate Choices, or Discuss Topics of Interest.


This 30 minute appointment via phone or Zoom is an opportunity for you to ask questions, share a story, get clarification, or seek coaching as you explore metaphysical themes and journey along your spiritual path.

I value the collaborative nature of these Chats and I am here to Listen, Motivate, Inspire, Encourage, or Nudge you along your personal or spiritual path.  Although CLAIRity CHAT is not defined as a "psychic or channeled session" these qualities are part of my nature. Accessing my CLAIRcognizance and CLAIRsentient abilities is at the core of who I am, so insights will come through naturally within the "chat" without a formal Intuitive/Psychic Reading.

CLAIRity Chat: 30 Minute Session