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Hello -- Welcome to the Know Your Soul: 21 Day Journal to Access the Akashic Records!


Are you ready to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening? Allow me to introduce you to the Know Your Soul: 21 Day Journal, a 38-page guide that will empower you to access the Akashic Records and unlock the hidden treasures of your soul.


Unlock the Secrets of the Akashic Records:
This comprehensive guide is your gateway to understanding and accessing the Akashic Records. Inside, you'll find valuable insights about the Records, along with step-by-step instructions on how to access them. Learn the essential opening and closing statements that will allow you to enter this sacred realm with confidence and reverence.


21 Days of Transformational Journaling:
Immerse yourself in a 21-day self-guided journey filled with thought-provoking journal prompts. Each day, you'll explore a different theme, including your life's purpose, past lives, decision-making, contracts, karmic lessons, self-development, past traumas, gifts, blocks, goals, and much more. As you engage with these prompts, you'll uncover surprising and enlightening insights about yourself and your soul's journey.


Enhance Your Exploration with Tarot:
To deepen your self-discovery, I've included a Tarot Spread designed specifically for use with the Akashic Records. This powerful tool will provide additional guidance and clarity as you navigate your spiritual path.

But wait, there's more! I have TWO special offers for you:


Option 1 - Get Both and SAVE - 25% Off:
Purchase the bundle that includes both the Know Your Soul: Akashic Records Workbook & Tarot Spreads and the Know Your Soul: 21 Day Journal for an exclusive 25% savings compared to purchasing them separately. It's a fantastic deal that maximizes your self-discovery journey.


Option 2 - Get Both for FREE:
Enroll in our Know Your Soul: Introduction to the Akashic Records course and receive FREE downloads for both the Workbook and Journal. This course takes your journey to the next level, offering deeper insights, engaging discussions, reflection exercises, and Q&A opportunities while working with these abundant resources.


Are you ready to embrace the transformative power of self-discovery? Dive into the Know Your Soul: 21 Day Journal to Access the Akashic Records or consider the options that suits you best. Your journey to self-knowledge and spiritual awakening starts here.

Know Your Soul: 21 Day Journal to Access the Akashic Records

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