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As we welcome the first day of spring, it's time to embrace the spirit of Ostara – a celebration of fertility, creativity, and renewal. Let me guide you through this enchanting season and all that it represents.


Introducing "The Ostara eGuide" – a journey into the origins and celebrations of Ostara, a time when nature awakens from its slumber and bursts forth with life. This guide is your key to understanding the essence of this magical season.


Within its pages, you'll explore the rich tapestry of Ostara, from its seasonal correspondences to an incense recipe and oil blends that capture the essence of this time. Immerse yourself in the beauty of poetry and meditation, and uncover the lore, myths, symbols, and traditions that define Ostara.


Embark on a self-discovery hunt, a journey of nurturing and honoring the garden of your soul. Discover little rituals that bring the magic of Ostara into your life and journal your personal reflections as you embrace this season of renewal.


Dive into the mystical world of Tarot with an Ostara tarot spread, and synchronize your journey with the moon phases. It's a time for creativity, for planting the seeds of your dreams, and for experiencing the joy of renewal.


To embark on this enriching experience and explore the wonder and beauty of the Ostara season, simply add the FREE "Ostara" eGuide to your Cart. It's an invitation to embrace the magic and traditions of this vibrant time.

FREE: Ostara Guide (2023)

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