Transformational Summer

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

The summer I turned 13 was transformational.

Riding my brothers 10-speed bike that was MUCH too tall for me and carrying a flimsy backpack-like-tote as I rode about a mile from the house was not a brilliant move.

I had a reputation as a clutz but this really took the cake. The tote slid down my left arm and got tangled in the front tire which quickly stopped the bike and propelled me over the handlebars. My face took the impact on asphalt as it scrapped off my lips, chin, nose and my shattered teeth, bits of which were later found in my eyes.

For 17 months my parents integrated traditional healing methods of surgeons and dentists with daily alternative healing and spiritual practices. Every day they sat with me and guided me through a visualization process to “picture myself whole” – to feel my mouth smiling, and to have the nerve endings responding when necessary. They lead me through meditations to Know Myself and accept the person I am on the outside while reflecting what was inside to all those I encounter in the world.

Most people who look at me don't see the scars nor do they have a clue that my entire upper row of teeth are beautiful implants. (Note - they are my 3rd set and I will gladly share the name of my dentist who made this set possible.) No one realizes that I have no feeling on the tip of my nose and my upper lip still twitches at times. The doctors called my healing a miracle and took a lot of the credit for my healing. My age had a lot to do with it, as did Mom's insistence on NO SUN for 8 solid weeks and daily application of vitamin E oil along with the meditation and visualization. I have been compelled to share this story and express the practices of my family throughout my life. We all have the power to heal from within while working in tandem with well-trained professionals.

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