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Self-Care Self-Assessment

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

Self-Care Self-Assessment: 15 Signs Your Body and Soul are Screaming for Self-Care

Answer these questions to help you determine if you need more Self-Care in your life.

1. Do you take time out to relax each day?

o Yes, I set aside time every day just for me.

o Sometimes; if my schedule isn’t too crazy.

o No, I find it really hard to relax when I’ve got so much to do.

2. Do you get enough sleep each night?

o Yes, I make sure I am well-rested each night.

o Sometimes; if I can get to bed early enough.

o No, I’m always exhausted.

3. Do you exercise on a regular basis?

o Yes, I have a normal exercise routine.

o Sometimes; when I get the urge to hit the gym.

o No, I’m too tired to workout.

4. Do you ever spend time alone?

o Yes, I make sure I have some alone time each day.

o Sometimes; if I can make it work out.

o No, I rarely ever have a moment alone.

5. Do you have healthy eating habits?

o Yes, I try to eat healthy as often as possible.

o Sometimes; when I think about it.

o No, who has the time or money to eat healthy?

6. Do you allow yourself to have fun?

o Yes, I spend a little time each day doing something I enjoy.

o Sometimes; if I have a few extra minutes.

o No, I can’t remember the last time I did anything fun.

7. Do you ever put yourself first?

o Yes, I have to take care of myself first before everyone else.

o Sometimes; if no one else needs me.

o No, I usually put everyone else’s needs in front of my own.

8. Do you ever unplug from technology?

o Yes, I step away from my phone for a little bit each day.

o Sometimes; when I take nap.

o No, never. What if someone needs me or I miss something?

9. Do you spend much time outdoors?

o Yes, every day. I try to get outside as often as possible.

o Sometimes, when I’m walking to my car.

o No, I spend most of my time indoors.

10. Do you feel like self-care is beneficial?

o Yes, 100%. Self-care is so important to my overall health and wellness.

o Maybe; for people that have time to do it.

o No, it takes too much time, effort and money.

11. Do you ever say no when someone asks you to do something?

o Yes, when I feel like it doesn’t serve me.

o Sometimes; when I have the courage.

o No, never. It’s hard for me to say no to anyone if they need my help.

12. Do you ever ask for help?

o Yes, anytime I feel overwhelmed.

o Sometimes; when it’s not too much of a burden to someone else.

o No, I can handle everything on my own.

13. Are you genuinely happy with life?

o Yes, I love my life and always find things to be grateful for.

o Sometimes; when things are going right.

o No, life is tough. I find it really hard to be confident and happy with who I am.

14. Are you physically pretty healthy?

o Yes, thankfully I hardly ever get sick.

o Sometimes; although I never feel like I’m operating at 100%.

o No, I’m always coming down with something.

15. Do you ever treat yourself with small gifts?

o Yes, I make an effort to treat myself in small ways all the time.

o No, I don’t really need or want anything.

o No, I can’t afford to treat myself to anything.

For all those questions to which you answered YES, keep doing what you’re doing in these areas to keep your self-care routine strong.

If you answered SOMETIMES or NO, it’s time to assess what changes you can make to start developing a self-care routine that works for you. Of course, if you’re happy with your life, no changes are necessary. But if you’d like to experiment and experience what some additional self-love can bring, focus on one of these questions and make some changes.

Changes don’t have to be life-altering; start small by adding one new habit a week. Schedule some alone time or take a 15-minute walk without your phone. Allow yourself the time and space to do something purely for the fun of it. Put yourself first once in a while and start taking the steps to prioritize self-care in your life.

There aren’t any point values involved in this assessment and no one will come back to check on whether you’ve made changes; but improving each of these answers toward the YES column will greatly help you develop a life-changing self-care routine

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