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De-myth-ify the Paranormal

It was a windy, static-filled October in Southern California. I was on a paranormal investigation of a dusty old western town. The unexplainable activities were creating havoc for the docents of this historic establishment and had invited our little group to get some answers. Each member of our investigative team were paired with a journalism student from a local college to observe, record, and document our process which was a real treat for us!

I performed my personal connect & protect practice while the investigative team also did a group ground, center, and shield process. I was paired with Stephanie, an eager and engaging student reporter. Usually on an investigation, I do automatic writing, take notes, and sometimes speak into a recorder as I meander around the property. The gift of having a student observer with me was that I didn't have to multi-task with notetaking and it took my connection to the place to a whole new level.

We walked up the rickety old steps to the third-floor attic of the landowner’s main house. As I stepped upon the top step, the sounds of the wind stilled. The silence in this location was palpable. I could feel the environment change as the energies seemed heavy and slow.

My inner guidance was drawing me to the center of the space which was filled with storage for beautifully carved headboards, sturdy dressers, and well-used tables. My attention was drawn to the south-east corner of the attic and I used my trusty ol' pen