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SylvanWise Integrated Journeys offers intuitive, astrological, and numerological services, workshops, and classes for those who seek deeper insights on their path of spiritual, personal, and professional development through the exploration of a tapestry of metaphysical and career development topics. Topics include astrology, numerology, tarot, mediumship, totems, dream interpretations, sacred space, energy work, lightworker and empath exploration, chakras, auras, crystals, and metaphysical studies.






10 - November 14, 2023

Awaken Your Soul's Purpose:
A Journey Through Akashic Wisdom

🔮 Unearth Your True Path in a Six Week Course

Akashic Wisdom delves into the realms of ancient, universal knowledge and cosmic chronicles that unearths the timeless records of your soul's journey, offering illuminating insights and profound understanding of your soul's purpose.

🌈Embark on a Journey of Profound Discovery,
Starting October 10, 2023

Navigating the realms of material and spiritual existence can often feel like traversing a labyrinth filled with uncertainty, confusion, and self-doubt. You're striving to discern your authentic purpose amidst the subtle murmurs of ego, yearning for a beacon to illuminate your path to clarity and balance.

You are not alone.

🌟 As You Stand on the Verge of Transformation

Feel the embrace of understanding and acknowledgment of your individuality in this unique 6-week Hybrid Course, “Awaken Your Soul’s Purpose: A Journey Through Akashic Wisdom.” Here, your concerns, uncertainties, and queries are not merely heard but profoundly grasped.

🔮Your Path to Spiritual and Material Harmony Begins

Elevated Daily Living
Seamlessly intertwine spiritual richness with your everyday life, forming a mosaic of balanced and fulfilled living.
Personal Clarity and Confidence
Clear the clouds of uncertainty to bask in the glow of unwavering confidence and direction.
Amplified Inner Wisdom
Drown out the external noise to amplify the harmonious whispers of your inner wisdom.
Embodied Trust in Your Path
Journey with renewed trust, knowing each step is a beautiful chapter in your unique story.
Realized Authentic Living
Discern the ephemeral from the eternal, cherishing a life lived in true alignment with your inner self.
Supported and Understood

In this nurturing space, find the empathy and understanding your soul craves, propelling you towards your authentic light and purpose.


Engage in this Transformative Course at a
Groundbreaking Pilot Phase Price!

🌸Benefits of Pilot Course Enrollment

Exclusive Access
Be among the pioneers on this path of enlightenment and self-discovery.
Enhanced Interaction
Relish in amplified access to the course facilitator, guaranteeing personalized guidance and support.
Get More for Less
Secure your spot now for just $47, significantly down from the standard $197, and embark on a transformative journey to clarity and enlightenment.
Shape the Course's Evolution
Your unique insights and valuable feedback will refine and enhance the course for future seekers.

Don't miss this exclusive one-time opportunity!

🌈 Exclusive One-Time Pricing


Reserve your space today for just $47, saving a substantial $150 in this exclusive pilot offer. This extraordinary reduction won't linger – your path to enlightenment begins now.

🌟 Course Highlights

October 10 – November 14, 2023
LIVE Follow-up Zoom session To Be Scheduled the week of November 21.

Online modules, interactive discussions, engaging activities, and practical exercises are designed to foster your journey toward clarity within a vibrant learning community, seamlessly guiding your path to deeper understanding and enlightenment.
Practical Exercises
Engage in meaningful and hands-on exercises designed to translate learning into real-life application. These activities are curated to solidify your understanding and help seamlessly integrate Akashic wisdom into your daily life.
Guided Visualizations
Embark on guided journeys within, using visualizations that clear the mental clutter and connect you to your inner wisdom. These sessions will help in aligning your energies and unveiling the path to your true purpose.
Self-Reflection Activities
Participate in thought-provoking self-reflection activities crafted to deepen your insight, enhance self-awareness, and facilitate personal growth, helping you to sift the whispers of your soul from the noise of ego.
Empathetic and Compassionate Teacher
Learn with a dedicated teacher who has been nurtured in these profound techniques and skills. Imbued with empathy and compassion, receive guidance that resonates with your unique journey, providing support and understanding tailored to your personal exploration.
Co-Creation and Your Voice
Your insights are invaluable in the evolution of this course. Each week, seize the opportunity to provide feedback, share your input, and contribute your unique insights to refine and enhance the course for future participants.
LIVE Q&A Session
Participate in a bonus live follow-up Q&A session around November 21st, ensuring your queries are addressed and your learning journey is well-supported.
Emerge from this course with enhanced clarity, balance, and joy. Experience a resilient alignment with your authentic values and live a life imbued with purpose and meaning.

🌈Step into Your Light: Unveil Your Soul's True Path

Enroll now to embark on this insightful journey, where every step is a move towards unraveling your true essence, and every activity is a step towards a more enlightened and balanced you. Your path to spiritual enlightenment and personal growth is paved with understanding, support, and the wisdom of lived experience. Join now and step forward into your truest self!

🌟Take the Plunge - Spaces are Limited

Enroll now to delve into the depths of your soul's mysteries, equipped with enduring tools for transformative change. Embark on this enlightening journey, where each step taken is a stride towards unveiling your true essence, and every activity propels you toward a more enlightened and balanced self. Your pathway to spiritual enlightenment and personal advancement is laden with insight, assistance, and the wisdom of actual experience. Seize the opportunity now and advance into your most authentic self!

🎉Unlock Your Inner Potential

Delve into Infinite Possibilities
Unveil the hidden truths within your soul by exploring the captivating realms of the Akashic Records.
Guided by Wisdom
Envision a Know-Your-Soul Guide accompanying you, offering insights and support as you embark on this extraordinary journey beyond the ordinary.
Tools for Transformation
Through meditation, reflective journaling, info-rich handouts, and valuable worksheets, unearth the timeless wisdom residing within you.
Authentically Express Yourself
Step forth with confidence and authenticity, naturally radiating your unique self in every endeavor.
Thriving in Today's World
Ignite your life's purpose and thrive
amidst life's complexities.


Visit the Testimonial Page to enjoy the tremendous voices from my students and clients, such as this . . .

"I met Deann sometime in my early twenties . . . as I was keen to learn from a teacher, rather than just from books. . . .Well, what a blessing that was!  Deann has so much wisdom, kindness, generosity of spirit, and enthusiasm.  Her willingness to share these gifts  with her students and friends is truly inspirational.  Her circle was a teaching and activity driven one.  So, while there were classes, there were also wonderful, hands-on activities, like energy work and meditation, for example. I learned a lot regarding both metaphysics & philosophy, as well as practical things like spiritual protection and grounding.  Additionally, she is a very generous listener.  When you talk to her, you feel that she truly cares about the things you have to say.  She cares about who you are and where you are headed on your path. This is always evident when interacting with her.  Deann also exudes a warmth, as though inviting you to sit at her hearth and  drink from her cup.  I cherish the time I spent in her group and am so filled  with gratitude that hers was the first one I ever joined.  It kept my  standards high, and because of that, I am now in a very loving and  supportive spiritual circle of which I have been a part for close to ten years.   My foundation with Deann set me on a true and stalwart path in my  spiritual life.  She will always be a mentor and friend." 
~ Chelsea Arrington

🌟 Are You Ready to Ignite Your Inner Spark?

Embark on this transformative path to embrace your individual gifts, nurture your soul's purpose, and embark on a remarkable journey of self-discovery and growth. Your soul's purpose is calling, answer it today. Enlist now and let this course be your guiding star.

With Eager Anticipation and Excitement for 
Connecting with You on this Soulful Journey,

Deann Burch, Soul Purpose Teacher

handle: @sylvanwise
email:  [AYSP]

🌟 Secure Your Spot for Just $47 Today!


Embrace the extraordinary and discover the power of the Akashic Records.  Your destiny awaits -- let's set forth on this wondrous journey together.

Pilot Course Cost: $47

$150 one-time discount 
from the standard price of $197

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