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FAQ: Importance of Birth Time

Why is the BIRTH TIME important for an Astrological Chart?

Your Astrological Natal Chart (Birth Chart) is a snapshot of the skies above based on the date, place, and TIME of your birth. Without the time, then one of the critical ingredients in the recipe of YOU is missing.

The missing ingredients would include:

  • ASCENDANT: The degree position of your Ascendant (Rising Sign) will be unknown.
  • RULING PLANETS: The Ruling Planet of the Chart Ascendant will be missing.
  • HOUSES: The Signs and Ruling Planets of the Houses would not be known.
  • ANGLES: The key Angles in the Chart which influence Self, Family, Relationships, and Career would only be a guess.
  • ASPECTS and TRANSITS: The Aspects and Transits to the Angles will diminish the timing of events.

If I do not want to purchase the Rectification Chart, can I still get a valid Astrological Chart without a known BIRTH TIME?

Yes, I can still generate an Astrologicl Chart for you without knowing your exact birth time, however It will be missing some important information and will not provide a complete picture.

I will indicate "Birth Time Unknown" or "Estimated Time" in the program. We will then concentrate on the influence of Planets in Signs, the Aspects (relationship) of Planets to the Sun, Moon, and Asteroids. These will provide us with significant iinformation to help you understand who you are, why you’re here, better understand your relationships, and inspire your journey.

What are possible ways to obtain the BIRTH TIME?

1. Get a copy of your Birth Certificate from the US Vital Records Office:
2. Ask parents, uncles/aunts, and family/friends for the stories about your birth. Do they remember the time? Was it at breakfast? Middle of the night? While "Big Bang Theory" was on? This is NOT ideal, but at least it will gives you a place to start. 3. You can look at geneology sites as these sometimes have Birth Certificates and birth records posted. 4. See if you have a baby book, scrapbooks, photo albums, or family journals with birth data recorded. 5. Baptismal records, family Bible, or Newspaper Birth Announcements might provide the information you're looking for. 6. Check to see if your Birth Certificate is with your Passport, Military, or School records. 7. Looking at the Charaacteristics of the Ascendant list which identifies Physical Appearance, Interests, Values, and Priorites of each of the Ascendants to give you some significant clues as to which "Sign" is a likely Ascendant. 8. Purchase the Rectification Chart before we generate other Astrological Charts.. RECTIFICATION in astrology is the process of checking various events in a person's life against their chart to determine the accurate time of birth if the birth time is not known. Life changing important events with specific date are used to rectify a chart. If you already know your birth time (usually listed on a birth certificate) you do not need to purchase the Rectification Chart.

Is there a Chart I can purchase to help identify my BIRTH TIME?

YES! Purchase the Rectification Astrological Timing Chart. I will collect responses to a series of questions and generate a report that can closely identify your birth time based on important events iyou have experienced in the past.

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