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Soul-Chats Journey
Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Soul-Chats Journey ?

The Soul-Chats Journey is grounded in the Soul Realignment® process of ethical and highly intuitive techniques of accessing your Akashic Records with your permission and intention to

  • Retrieve highly valuable information about the profile of your Soul.

  • Identify your Soul group origination.

  • Ascertain your Soul’s nature.

  • Pinpoint your main Soul energy centers.

  • Discover your Soul's talents, life themes, and other Soul profile attributes.

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Why have a Soul-Chats Journey Reading?

The benefits of having a Soul-Chats Journey Reading is to:

  • Explore and connect with the origins and wisdom of your Soul.

  • Empower you to take full responsibility for all your experiences and know the life you desire is within your power to create.

  • Leverage your Soul’s special gifts and talents to manifest your human experience.

  • Encourage you to embrace your Soul as a unique individuation of the Divine.

  • Enable you to live in alignment with your Soul’s highest path and purpose.

  • Create abundance on all levels.

  • Expand the opportunity to truly LIVE your Soul’s identity in real and practical ways.

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What does the practice of Soul-Chats Journey involve?

  • Strips away dogma that is prevalent in many modalities to better align with Universal Law and deeply satisfy your logical, thinking mind.

  • Helps you step into your most Divine and authentic self-expression within the human experience.

  • Based on the principle that we are the Divine creators of our own experience through free will and choice.

  • Provides the opportunity to experience yourself at the level of your everyday life, as the spiritual being that you are.

  • Harnesses your abilities to create and manifest the life you want based on your Divine gifts and who you are at Soul-level.

  • Opens the path for you to make different choices that are more in line with your Soul’s highest path and purpose. 

  • Integrates Soul Realignment® techniques with modalities you may already be practicing, such as energy healing, meditation, or coaching.

  • Unlocks your intuition with precision, accuracy and discipline.


What happens in a Soul-Chats Journey Reading?

The Soul-Chats Journey Session/Reading will:

  • Accurately and reliably access the Akashic Records.

  • Develop an in-depth understanding of who we are, as a Spiritual Being, and how your Soul is designed to manifest its human experience.

  • Unlock your potential as the power Creator of your own experience as you resolve negative karmic patterns and step into your Divine Gifts.

  • Transform your relationships with your loved ones as you learn who THEY are, at Soul-level . . . while upholding your Divine self-expression and gifts within all of your interactions so that you are serving both yourself and others at an elevated degree.

  • Receive clear and specific information on how to align to your inherent Soul-level gifts so that you can create a life of abundance and fulfillment.

  • Assist your connection and communication with your partner and children in releasing negative karmic patterns and stepping into their Divine self-expression, so that you can walk together on your spiritual path .


How are Soul-Chats Journey Readings different from Past Life Regression and other Akashic Record modalities?
As a certified Soul Realignment® practitioner, Deann's Soul-Chats Journey Readings works intuitively in this healing modality which utilizes the Akashic Records to:

  • Unlock your Soul-level potential.

  • Provide highly valuable insights about your soul’s profile and your soul’s nature.

  • Detect current blockages and restrictions.

  • Clear negative karmic patterns held at Soul-level.

  • Help you tap into your power and to live in alignment with your soul’s path and purpose.


What are soul blocks and restrictions?

The Soul-Chats Journey Reading will identify your current energetic blockages and restrictions that your soul wants to address and to clear. These energetic blockages:

  • Might be obstacles in your current life.

  • May prevent you from realizing your goals and visions.

  • Can be cleared to realign your soul with its original blueprint.


How did Soul Realignment® -- on which the Soul-Chats Journey is based -- come into being?

Soul Realignment® was developed by psychic, author, and spiritual teacher Andrrea Hess in 2007 and has

  • More than 6000 practitioners

  • A global influence in more than 40 countries worldwide

  • Served more than 192,000 clients who have experienced the value of the modalities utilized in Soul Realignment® Reading.