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Simplified Natal Report

The Simplified Natal Astrology Report is a clear, easy to read interpretation of the birth chart written with sensitivity and clarity without all the astrological language and technical jargon. This report uses sophisticated techniques that smoothly flows from one idea to the next and is less "choppy" than more complex astrological interpretations may seem.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can you learn from your Natal Chart?

  • Why is it helpful to know your Rising Sign and location of your Moon?

  • What makes you unique from everyone else?

  • How does learning that Venus is sextile your Neptune, and opposite your Jupiter help you?

  • Does it matter if you understand the significant astrological signatures, themes, and patterns that influence your relationships, health, finances, and education?

  • Why are things easy for some people, but you seem to struggle at every turn?

  • Why are your relationships exciting, but your career is stagnant?

The Natal Chart can point you in the direction of answers to these questions. 

We are complex beings who are much more than a Sun Sign.  We each have a unique journey to embark upon based on the exact date, time, and place of our birth.  Astrology opens up a world to us with a far-reaching map to explore who we are, discover our potential, and highlight our purpose. This map -- this Natal Chart -- gives us access to powerful tools to help us navigate our journey while honoring our process, choices, and free will.

An Astrological Natal Chart helps us identify and embrace our core strengths, transcend our weaknesses, and illuminate our preferences, interests, values, and quirks.  It clues us in to timelines, challenges, and patterns that contribute to our growth and evolution as precious souls. Learning about specific areas of our lives and the energies that influence us  contributes to a journey through this life that is fulfilling, inspirational, and transformative.


Astrology Report Options are designed to be 
self-directed, self-analyzed, and enjoyed
 through self-reflection by the recipient.  You are invited to ask 1-2 brief questions via email for clarification.



An Astrology Consultation Session will explore questions and engage in discussion after you have received and reviewed your written report.  Add to Cart if you want this companion service to support, enhance, and synthesize data from the report(s) you select.

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