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Tarot Reading with Jody: booked and paid for at Tarotnormal Legacy        
Cost:  $75 for a 45-60 min session 

Questions?  Email Jody:

Do you know what your future holds?  Tarot Readings are a great opportunity for discovery when you find yourself at a crossroad and are unsure which way to go. The reading can focus on giving you a glimpse down each path so that you can make the best decision for yourself. Or perhaps you would like a broader view of where you are at and what awaits you. An overview reading may present you with options to initiate action within your life and highlight areas of your life of which you may be unaware that need your attention.  


Visit Jody's website to BOOK A READINGS and schedule payment:

Website:  Tarotnormal Legacy


Booking-Payment:  If you ADD TO CART from SylvanWise website, the purchase will immediately be communicated to Jody at Tarotnormal Legacy, and payment invoice will be sent to you from that site. 


Note:  The "cost" displays as $0.00 for the $75.00 reading on the SylvanWise Integrated Journeys website and no monies are exchanged between Tarotnormal Legacy and SylvanWise Integrated Journeys LLC.

Tarot Reading with Jody: $75 for 45 min booked & paid at Tarotnormal Legacy site

SKU: TNL-45min
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