The Complete Personality Profile Report provides accurate and in-depth descriptions based on calculations and interpretations utilized in numerology of the Core aspects, Personal Timeline aspects, and Forecast influences.

  • Core aspects of your chart include your LIFE PATH, EXPRESSION, HEART'S DESIRE, MATURITY, and KARMIC LESSONS numbers
  • Personal Timeline aspects include Bridge interpretations between the CORE Numbers, PLANES OF EXPRESSION, CHALLENGES, and PINNACLES related to various points in your personal timeline
  • Forecast influences provides a chart of your Four PINNACLES (lessons), Three CYCLES (inner nature), TRANSITS (Mental, Physical, and Spiritual influences at specific points in time), ESSENCE (Forces influencing the year), PERSONAL YEAR and PERSONAL MONTHS (influential trends and circumstances).



To generate an accurate Numerology Chart you will need to provide the following information. 

  1. FULL Name as it appears on your birth certificate (First Name, Middle Name(s), Last Name at birth)
  2. Name currently using
  3. Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)
  4. Time Frame / Beginning and Ending Dates (if applicable)


  • Charts, reports, and readings will not be generated until this required information is received. 
  • Astrological Reports require additional information of Exact Time of Birth and Location of Birth.

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Numerology: Complete Personality Profile with 1-Year Forecast