This is a two-part offer and you will receive BOTH (1) a written Intutive/Psychic Reading and (2) a follow-up CLAIRity Chat.

Part 1:  The Intuitive/Psychic Reading is done over a 10-14 day period after receiving the completed Intake Form.  One or all of the following reading methods/tools are utilized:  Meditation, Automatic Writing, Psychic Messages, Divination Tools, Connection with Spirit, Astrological and Numerology insights.   The information is provided to you in written form and represents 4-7 hours of intutive/psychic work to provide information relevant to your question(s).

Part 2:   A 30-minute CLAIRity Chat is scheduled via Zoom.  During this session we will explore questions and engage in discussion after you have received and reviewed your written Intuitive/Psychic Reading to support, enhance, clarify, and synthesize data.  During this session, additional insights may arise.

Intuitive/Psychic Reading AND CLAIRity Chat