This Session will support, enhance, and synthesize data from purchased Astrological Charts/Reports.  During this session we will explore questions and engage in discussion after you have received and reviewed your purchased Report(s). 


    Appointment: I allocate 50 minutes for the Consultation Session but then an additional 15-20 minutes to wrap up and clarify information as needed.


    DISCOUNT: This Appointment Session is offered at a $10 DISCOUNT when one of the following Report Options is purchased at the same time
    Choose from:

    • Comprehensive Natal Report
    • Secondary Progressed Report
    • Love and Romance
    • Compatibility Report 
    • Psyche-Eros Report 
    • Compatibility and Conflict Report
    • Solar Return Report
    • Lunar Return Report
    • Other -- email if you are interested in a different Report Option with an Appointment Session.  

      Please ADD both the (1) CONSULTATION Combo: Astrology and the (2) preferred Report Option to your Cart to be eligible for the $10 discount.

      Consultation Combo: Astrology Session AND choice of Report Option

      $140.00 Regular Price
      $130.00Sale Price