Are you moving to a new home?  Considering opening a new business?  Wondering where you would be happiest? 
This Relocation Information Report describes the astrological influences that are in effect at a given location. It is very important to have an accurate birth time when you purchase this report to achieve your optimal result. Select up to five cities that are, ideally, about 100 miles (150 kilometers) apart. Locations that are closer than 100 miles can have similar astrological influences while those with more distance can show significantly different astrological influences.


To generate an accurate Astrology Report you will need to provide the following information.

  1. FULL Name
  2. Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)
  3. Location of Birth (City, State, Country)
  4. Current Location (City, State)
  5. Time of Birth (AM or PM) *
    * Unknown birth time may require purchase of Rectification Report.
  6. Time Frame/Beginning and Ending Dates (if applicable)

    Note: Charts, reports, and readings will not be generated until this required information is received.


Email information to

Astrology: Relocation Info Report (5 cities)