The New Astrology Report blends and analyzes your Western astrological sign with your Chinese astrological sign for the year you were born to determine your New Astrological sign. For example, if you are a Sagittarius and were born in the OX year 1949, then you are a Sagittarius/Ox. This report helps to understand human behavior within the universe through the "marriage" of western and eastern astrology.  Report is adopted from Suzanne White's best selling book, "The New Astrology, A Unique Blend of Western and Chinese Astrology".


To generate an accurate Astrology Report you will need to provide the following information.

  • FULL Name
  • Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)
  • Time of Birth (AM or PM)
    ** Unknown birth time may require purchase of Rectification Report.
  • Location of Birth (City, State, Country)
  • Current Location (City, State)
  • Time Frame/Beginning and Ending Dates (if applicable)

    Note: Charts, reports, and readings will not be generated until this required information is received.

    Email information to

Astrology: The New Western & Chinese Blend Astrology