Did you know that different geographic regions affect our attitudes and behaviors and even our physical health? The Environment Therapy Report provides an astrological analysis of what you are likely to experience in the cities and towns that you want to reside in or visit. Environments can be energizing, grounding or therapeutic while others are less compatible and can lead to feelings of fatigue or emotional/physical distress. This report takes into account your astrological influences to provide a list of your prime Environments ranked from strongest to weakest.



To generate an accurate Astrology Report you will need to provide the following information.

  1. FULL Name
  2. Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)
  3. Location of Birth (City, State, Country)
  4. Current Location (City, State)
  5. Time of Birth (AM or PM) *
    * Unknown birth time may require purchase of Rectification Report.
  6. Time Frame/Beginning and Ending Dates (if applicable)

    Note: Charts, reports, and readings will not be generated until this required information is received.


Email information to SylvanWise@gmail.com

Astrology: Environment Therapy Report