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Tarot, intuition, astrology, numerology, and psychic techniques are dynamic tools that assist and guide us through the ever changing energies that influence our daily lives. 

Tarot Reading 

  • Select 20-minute option when you find yourself at a crossroad and are unsure which way to go. The reading focuses on giving you a glimpse down each path so that you can make the best decision for yourself.

  • Select 45-minute option when you would like a broader view of where you are at and what awaits you. An overview may present you with options to initiate action within your life and highlight areas of your life of which you may be unaware that need you attention.

CLAIRity Chat

Whether you are a metaphysical newbie, curious seeker, or inquisitive lightworker in the spiritual community, sometimes all you need is an opportunity to:

  • Chat

  • Ask Questions

  • Explore Dreams

  • Get Clarification on Experiences

  • Voice Ideas, Theories,
    or Assumptions

  • Validate Choices
  • Discuss Topics of interest

Intuitive/Psychic Reading

The Intuitive/Psychic Reading is done over a 10-14 day period through the use of one or all of the following:  Meditation, Automatic Writing, Psychic Messages, Divination Tools, Connection with Spirit, Astrological and Numerology insights.   The information is provided to you in written and/or recorded form.  I average 8-10 hours of intuitive/psychic work on each reading to provide information relevant to your question(s).