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Astrology ~ Numerology ~ Tarot ~ Intuitive 


Astrology Report Options and Numerology Report Options are designed to be 
self-analyzed, and enjoyed through self-reflection 
by the recipient. 

With each Report Option purchased, you are invited to ask 1-2 brief questions via email for clarification.



The Astrology Consultation or Numerology  Consultation will explore questions and engage in discussion after you have received and reviewed your written report. 

Add to Cart if you want the companion service to
support, enhance, and synthesize data from the report(s) you select.

These Report and Reading options provide information to connect you with the core of who you are to gain greater awareness and understanding of your unique foundation and soul experiences. 


  • The Past-Present-Future Intuitve-Astro Report is a personalized compilation from the use of multiple report options, techniques, and intuitive insights written in a format to align with your preferred Topic(s) of Focus.

  • The Simplified Astrology Natal/Birth Chart Report is an easy to read interpretation of the birth chart written with sensitivity and clarity without all the astrological language and technical jargon.

  • The Comprehensive Astrology Natal/Birth Chart Report offers an in-depthinterpretation of the birth chart with extremely thorough and specific analysis of information providing a highly accurate composite view of your life from many different astrological perspectives.

  • The Moon & Stars Child Report is written specifically for parents and it focuses on issues of curiosity and concern through the astoundingly accurate lens of astrology.

  • The Major Asteroids Astrology Report offers an in-depth analysis of twelve major dwarf planets and asteroids including additional factors to provide a much more complete picture of how the astral energies were constellated at the time of birth. 

  • The Karmic Insight Report is an in-depth report which looks into the soul's intentions and lessons to be learned in this lifetime based on reverberations from past lifetimes. 

  • The Significant Milestones Throughout Life Report  reveals the unfolding patterns of challenges, opportuties, obstacles, and possiblities you navigate during your life. 


The Comprehensive Personality Profile Numerology Report provides accurate and in-depth descriptions based on calculations and interpretations utilized in numerology of the Core aspects, Personal Timeline aspects, and Forecast influences.

  • Core aspects of your chart include your LIFE PATH, EXPRESSION, HEART'S DESIRE, MATURITY, and KARMIC LESSONS numbers

  • Personal Timeline aspects include Bridge interpretations between the CORE Numbers, PLANES OF EXPRESSION, CHALLENGES, and PINNACLES related to various points in your personal timeline

  • Forecast Report provides a chart of your Four PINNACLES (lessons), Three CYCLES (inner nature), TRANSITS (Mental, Physical, and Spiritual influences at specific points in time), ESSENCE (Forces influencing the year), PERSONAL YEAR and PERSONAL MONTHS (influential trends and circumstances).

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