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Forecast, Return, and Transit Report Options

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Solar Return Chart?

The Solar Return Chart gives you insights into what the year ahead holds for you.  It is the special moment each year when the sun reaches the precise degree and minute it occupied when you were born.  Get ready to make a wish and blow out the candle with the added knowledge of where the emphasis for the year will be.  Is the year focused on the 1st House of Self, the 7th House of Partnerships, or the 10th House of Career?   The annual Sun will shine a spotlight on the area(s) of your life where your energies are focused.


What is a Secondary Progressed Report?

The Secondary Progressed Report not only tells us What, When, and How, it also tells us How Long! It locates the signs, the aspects, and the house positions for each of the planets for any given year of your life and tells you how long they will remain in those positions. With each of the interpretations for these progressed planetary positions, you receive a brief synopsis of the influences and imprints of its position in your Natal Chart for your comparison.  This makes a great annual gift for yourself, family, and friends.

What is a Lunar Return Chart?

Every 28 days and 13 times a year the Moon returns to the exact position it held in sky at the time you were born. Calculated for the location you currently occupy and Voilà you have a snapshot into the emotional impact and attitude the planetary energies have in store for you each month. ​

What are Transits?

Transits are astrological influences during a specific time frame in relation to your personal chart. Specific reports such as Love & Romance, Business, or Fitness highlight configurations in these themes.  The Astrological Transit Report provides a general overview of all influences during specific time frames you request.

How does astrology inform health management choices?

Understanding the underlying cause of diet and exercise breakdown can be found in the the Lunar Return placement of the Ascendant, planets in the house signs, aspects, and the Midheaven which influence the emotional state identified as one of the biggest challenges to health.  The Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle Guide provides a monthly forecast report designed to help with dietary and exercise potential. 


Astrology Report Options are designed to be 
self-directed, self-analyzed, and enjoyed through self-reflection by the recipient.  You are invited to ask 1-2 brief questions via email for clarification.



An Astrology Consultation Session will explore questions and engage in discussion after you have received and reviewed your written report.  Add to Cart if you want this companion service to support, enhance, and synthesize data from the report(s) you select.

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